I’m Marc, and I’ve been photographing in a variety of formats for over two decades, lately specialising in Large Format film, but with interest and expertise in studio and location work.

I’ve made lots of commercial photography, and have had work published in:
Art Monthly, Art Almanac, The Age, The Sunday Age, The Bulletin, Overland, The Herald-Sun, Landscape Architecture, Architecture Victoria, many RMIT University publications and elsewhere.

Additionally, I’ve photographed architecture, weddings, artwork, events, theatre, rock ‘n’ roll, studio fashion & publicity and more!

When I can, I love shooting with film, and large format cameras – and I am happiest in the darkroom, working away to make a lovely b&w print… but for most commercial work these days, digital is the go!

Over the years, I’ve posted a number of articles here covering various adventures and experiments in photography – please browse and comment!

If you would like to work with me – please send me a message!