Marc, the blog!

the four sharks I bought from IKEA

I’ve decided to channel my relentless blah and enthusiasm for photography and stomping about into a blog. Starting… now. And just as I was panicking “do I actually have anything interesting to write down?”, I remembered this very wintery (nearly end of Spring!) morning, I’d wandered down to Camberwell to photograph a strikingly handsome Green gumtree (with bits of pink bark hanging off it) to blow up hugely as a potential kitchen treatment (not for me). Being Sunday, and being MAD – I threw the technological (circa 1890) book at this project, using the Wista 4×5″ Camera and four sheets of Fuji Velvia 50, with a super-wide Nikon 65mm f4 lens – and not content to let nature tell its own story, I must confess to some slightly unethical meddling with the subject, scraping two dead cicada shells off the trunk, and hiding them under a piece of bark… No international press awards for me, but perhaps a personal aesthetic bronze star. Exposure was f8 at a 1/30th of a second, and time permitting, I’ll drop them into Vanbar tomorrow to put here…


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