Making a photo through shiny perspex & the new collectables…

Here’s an image I made a while ago for an auction next week (details below!) that was of moderate trickyness: the artwork was mounted by the artist in a shiny perspex “shell”, that would have been awkward to remove for photography, so I had to avoid reflections!! There’s a substantial amount of thought given to this matter in the great book whereupon the placement of your principle lighting sources to avoid “shinyness” is explained in some detail. Subsequently, I treated this like a giant “copy stand” – putting the camera dead-on to the work, and reflecting a single flashgun off a large paper reflector – adjusting the height and angle just-so ’till the nice soft shadow appears…

And metering with an incident meter – which is quicker in the end (than relying on the camera meter – for studio photography) since you get a spot on result, that doesn’t rely on interpretation of a tiny digital screen or histogram, and is a good practice from using film…

And we end up with an image that looks super-nice even at poster size, and can be hacked up with all the white space for the invite version below…

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