Fame at last (anonymously)

Yay – I got a pic in yesterday’s Herald Sun, albeit uncredited (mutter, mutter). A convincingly contrived propaganda photo for “The Very Bad Show” – a childrens theatre production over the summer! Getting to be a dab hand at these sorts of photos, which are often put together when costumes and props/set from the production aren’t available yet (to meet publication deadlines, et al). In this particular shot, my “trick” is to fill the background (a bare black wall) with theatrical smoke, and backlight it with a studio strobe with some sort of gel – to fill the background with colour. In this case, a red gel (LEE 026) to match the prop guts coming out of the prop dog). The actors are lit from right of the camera by another strobe/umbrella, and a smaller strobe for fill from camera left (my fave – a 1960’s Courtenay Solaflash – looks like a spaceship from Barbarella).

Then the only thing left is to have the actors generate some convincing “mugging”, which the director of the show orchestrates… All in all we shot 4 individual “setups”, and about 10 pictures from each. This one looked the most dynamic…

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