This unseemly warm weather, and the Eye of Sauron…

I went down to Geelong on Sunday  – as part of a grand twofold plan: To escape the city and relax a bit, and to put myself on the edge of the Mt. Cottrell basalt plain in goodly time for the nice afternoon light, for some photos (an ongoing project). Alas, it all went awry – Geelong itself disappointed with it’s sunny sterility and lack of a cafe with a decent inexpensive nice sandwich (Have I really become this fussy in my old age??) – maybe there ARE nice eating spots in Geelong, and I would appreciate feedback in this regard.

So, as a remedial measure, it seemed sensible to drive even further, to Queenscliff (where it seems I’d never been!!). Well, maybe it was the heat playing tricks, but Queenscliff is grand. There’s sooo much photo-demanding stuff, I used two rolls (which is a lot for me – even with the 6×8 camera which is only 9 shots per roll). There’s a large and proper fort, a railway station with a Blues Train (Bluuuues train!) a Scandinavian Ice-Cream shop (they say!) and a really nice new shopping bit near the ferry terminal with this: a lovely tower you can walk inside and up freely, with a neat hat on top that looks just like a stainless steel Eye of Sauron (without the flaming eyeball). Very satisfying, and for this shot I actually remember the technical details for once: Fuji GW680III with 90mm f/3.5 lens, Orange Filter, Kodak Plus-X film and shot at f16 1/125th second, processed in Rodinal 1:25 by Mr Marc Morel (me).

Oh, and after all that – it was too late (and me too tired) to swan about the Basalt plains… next weekend for sure!

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