I love/hate you…. IKEA!

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live quite so accessibly close to an IKEA… but othertimes, it’s downright handy! For some years I have been wrestling with coat hangers and pegs to hang up film and prints to dry! I’ve hung these from shower frames, doors, and other imperfect surfaces whereupon they have been subject to falling off, getting squished in doors, and other dust-imprinting indignities!

But hark, a solution beckons from the kitchen section of IKEA. Initially designed for jars of pickles and the like – this “system” is actually jolly handy for drying things, and as you can see, there’s additional bling you can buy for storing pegs, and hanging a towel. Perfect.

I’ve hung the device at a bit above head height (so I don’t hit my head on it!) but also to give enough length to dry 135/36 films – the 120 films you see in the picture are much shorter (and the middle one is missing two frames from when I (ahem) had the lenscap on).

IKEA calls it “Grundtal”, for those keen to have a squiz…

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