Xmas darkroom madness…

There’s been a bit of blog “radio silence” for a few days, and it’s not just the giddy excitement of being on holidays – no, of an evening I’ve been feverishly working in the darkroom to produce (at the last minute of course!) my annual hand-printed mega-present: Marc’s Christmas Calendar!
Every year I streamline the process a bit, and this time, with a new darkroom and a new enlarger, I decided to print the pictures (from this year’s negative collection) larger than previous years, and print the calendar info on a separate page that hangs a bit lower – this way I get a nearly 8×10″ picture – last year it felt a bit mad with some of the 4×5″ negatives when the pictures ended up SMALLER than the negatives themselves…
Anyways – I’m trying to make 14 of them – which is at least 168 prints, not including test prints and test strips (which I’m still doing until I figure out and calibrate the enlarger-komputer-thingo). So far I’ve done 7 “months” (98 prints), so I’m on the home-straight… 5 days ’till Christmas!!!
Without ruining the surprise of them – I’ll post a picture of the completed work AFTER the family unwrap their presents – here’s “March” hanging up to dry, on the aforementioned IKEA drying rack…

One thought on “Xmas darkroom madness…

  1. Marc, you’re on the ball. Many a stainless steel, well-built IKEA trinket has jazzed up a kitchen, bathroom, study or even garage! That something should now grace your darkroom/drying room is probably overdue! The Swedes have imagined a use that tickles our conscience in daily life; after studying something, we realise what we CAN use it for; dash out, splash out, come home and say, “I’m wondering why I didn’t think of this years ago!”. Ah IKEA, where would we be without them?

    Silent Street

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