Le Corbusier in Mallacoota?

Well, if you blink quickly… in reality, this is another 4×5″ sheet from my camping trip – the WWII headquarters of RAAF coastal intelligence activity in the region. Golly I hope it was air-conditioned in there (unlikely). Now a museum, there’s a modern antenna array a few hundred metres away, guarded by high fences, authoritative signage, and a surly-lookin’ wallaby – so I didn’t make a picture of that one.
The bunker is now a museum, and typically of many Australian tourist attractions, it was open on odd days (like Tuesdays) and thus closed for this photo – I did wander around the building, but only this picture demanded making.
What is nice, pretty much always, about setting up the field camera is that folks happily clear out of your way – like they’re part of the fun as well. For this one, a fellow squeezing his way through the chained-off driveway cheerfully asked if he was in my way! Never happens (to me) with a smaller camera…


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