Self portraits with a 4×5″ Field Camera!

On travels around bits of Europe last July, I made lots of self portraits with the little Rolleiflex (because it has a self timer), but no Large Format ones (because my cable release is only 30cm long). This year I plan to change all that (perspective-corrected self portraits are funnier, n’est ce pas?), but how?
I’d experimented with a clockwork self-timer, but it was fickle (perhaps I bought a fairly terrible one), so that wasn’t the go… Inspiration came, when, on an outing of Melbourne folks from the APUG forum, one of us made a group portrait with his 8×10″ Tachihara, and used a air-bulb cable release to fire the shutter – giving a useful distance of maybe 5 or 6 metres. Of course, I didn’t remember this inspiration until almost a year later, but I duly found an air-bulb cable release and tried it out yesterday with this picture: (Kodak TXP320 in 4×5″, Nikon 135mm f/5.6 lens, shot wide open (f/5.6) at 1/15th second, on account of the dim theatre lighting). A keen eye can spot me at bottom right, clutching my little rubber bulb and trying not to stare insanely into the camera (although I’d be hard-pressed to look more insane than the actors).
Along with trying to make more Large Format photos generally – this means I can actually be in them, and as an added bonus, not get into trouble with beloved family members for being conspicuously absent from family portraits…

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