Public holiday 4×5″ wanderings.

Today was a public holiday – no, not celebrating 25 years of Ugandan liberation, or Indian independence day, but Australia Day – whereupon 200 and a bit years of European settlement are acknowledged by manic barbecuing and the mass wearing of inexpensive patriotic hats (made elsewhere). So what better thing to do than go on a picnic somewhere I haven’t been for a while and make some snaps? Destination: The Organ Pipes national park, a sensitively revegetated geological marvel, opposite the Calder Raceway – a bogan eyesore.
And so I present this sample picture, processed this evening in 1:25 Agfa Rodinal…

It’s a pic of the Rosette Rock – a strange basalt formation, part of an ancient lava flow exposed by water erosion, and now available for my photographing enjoyment. The negative of this, made with the Wista and a trusty Nikon 135mm f/56. lens, is so sharp it makes me dizzy. I would love to upload the full 3200dpi scan to illustrate this, but the size might make the internet explode.
I should add, that this National Park, with its “three interesting things” is quite lovely – everything’s green at the moment, and the creek has clearly flooded recently. The revegetation of this once barren farmland that volunteers (mainly) have undertaken since 1972 is really something – once you leave the freeway, you can imagine that you are wandering through (on a neat asphalt path) the basalt plain ecology as it was when European sheep first started to chew their way through the landscape. And I saw some amorous woodswallows, and a red-browed finch (which you’ll have to take my word for – a view camera is not the best tool for rapid wildlife photography).

2 thoughts on “Public holiday 4×5″ wanderings.

  1. Hello Marc,

    Wow, nice shot ! Stunning amount of details. Was your Nikon lens used at full aperture ?

    What film are you using in 4×5 ?

    BTW, thanks for providing wikipedia links for certain terms, otherwise I would surely spend some time figuring what a “bogan” is.. 🙂



    1. Hi Raphael,

      I try to shoot most things around f/16 to 22 – with the theory that I will get lots of depth of field, without resolution problems! Currently, I’m working my way through several boxes of expired Ilford Delta 100 I found cheaply, but I prefer using TXP320.

      Ha ha – yes, I thought I should add those links, lest appear parochial….

      Cheerio, Marc!

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