Postal overload!

When I got home this evening, the postbox was stuffed to the gills with so much awesome photo stuff, I am a little bit in awe actually. The (slightly ratty, but functional) neck strap for my Mamiya “zoo kit” (see older post) was not unexpected, and the satisfyingly chunky parcel of varied prints from the 2nd local APUG print exchange, whilst delayed, was also an expected delight! But the thick parcel, from Architecture Media was a mystery – why have they sent me these, how do they even know where I live, etc?!
Turns out to be two copies of the February edition of “Landscape Architecture Australia” – the official magazine of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. And why have they sent me these? Well, because some of my pictures are in there of course!!
It’s funny how sometimes you get a job or a nice project to work on, and then months later, when the entire thing has drifted out of your daily operational context, it springs back into your life in a surprising way! This is one of the reasons I love shooting holiday snaps on film – often I don’t see them again for weeks (it does take a while, processing all that film!), and the rediscovery is like having the memories all over again. It’s the little things…
For this commission, a satisfyingly rich exhibition in Melbourne’s 45 downstairs, I used a digi SLR with my favourite 50mm, 28mm and 10-22mm lenses, coupled with a single Bowens monolight bouncing off the gallery ceiling, to lift the light levels a bit. Yay!

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