I was fortunate enough to wander down to Werribee AGAIN on Sunday, ostensibly to sit around with beer and food, listening to African Rhythms, which indeed is what I did, but given it is still also daylight savings, I made sure to bring my aforementioned Zoo Camera kit along as well.
And so, a couple of cheetah pictures! This one, a little bit soft – partly because the critters kept moving (they are the fastest land mammal after all), and partly because I was using manual focus – with the trusty 210mm lens that’s almost at its minimum focus with a cat THAT close!
I’ve been working my way these last couple of months, through a stash of expired B&W film (which lasts AGES – I have never had problems with old b&w film), and in this case used a role of Kodak Tmax 400 from 2005 – not a film I’ve tried before, but it processed nicely with my favourite developer, Agfa Rodinal, at 1:25 dilution.
The wide shot is a little sharper, as the cat (it could have been the other cat, of the two that were walking and running about), sat still for a short period of time.

I had a bit more luck later on with the Vervet Monkeys, some mostly submerged hippos, and a soporific Lioness. Oh well, I’ll simply have to go again!

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