70mm success!

Well, after the last post, I thought I should really complete matters by finishing the giant roll of film that was in my Crown Graphic, and have a go at processing it!! Well, thanks to the annual Swiss Festival (at the Austrian club in Heidelberg – they ARE European neighbours!), I had an excellent subject to shoot a few more frames of film, AND a great excuse to consume cervelat, Rivella, and plait bread. So this is the result: a satisfying mise en scene of Alphorn and folks in national costume standing around. Actually, the alphorn playing was quite good – I have heard much worse (in Switzerland itself, no less – although in that case, I think they were “practicing”).
I processed the Kodak Plus-X Aerographic 2402 film as regular Plus-X film (disregarding the tip in my previous blog entry – ‘uh, cos’ I didn’t actually have any Dektol) in Agfa Rodinal 1:25 – as despite the panic of “have I loaded the stainless steel reels properly?”, or “have I actually put enough chemistry in the tank?” I actually got a fairly even result – with about 40 odd good negatives out of an improbable 65 on the roll in total. The ends of the roll had a few light-leakage dark stripes on them – which suggests that canister and my film loading technique might both be a little awry.
Still, it proves this old film is useful. This scan is a bit soft too – and that’s because I don’t have a 70mm film holder for it (with the sprocket holes, it’s quite a bit wider than 120 film) – so I’ve had to scan it in a 4×5 holder and it has buckled a bit. I’ll just have to make a custom 70mm one….

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