You can see here, the Death Star orbiting the forest moon of Endor.

A recent photo project I’ve embarked upon, is to document the western basalt plains of suburban Melbourne before they disappear under a sea of new homes. If you stand at a certain point in Rockbank, near the bluestone remains of the old goldfields-era Rockbank Inn, you can see three of the former volcanos that shaped the plain. In only a short time, this view will be impossible for the first time in thousands of years!!
Here’s one of them – Mt Cottrell, viewed from the North. Within the next few years, these grasslands will be full of roads and amusingly bizarre brick veneer homes, and a further bit of farming and indigenous grassland heritage will be buried underneath suburbia.
Standing around here yesterday in the Autumnal afternoon light, it was amazing how quiet and isolated everything was, and yet it’s closer to the city than much of South-Eastern suburbia. In fact, it’s astonishing the area has remained untouched all the way up to 2011. There are unmade country roads and neglected watercourses, and lots and lots of illegally dumped household ephemera – I wonder what the half-life of a queen-sized mattress is…
The view from Mt Cottrell back towards the city gives you a good idea of the scope and advance of this development – those fields are now full of little survey markers, and already in the latest Melways, you can see where many of the roads and subdivisions will go.
Photographically, the challenge is to find something compositionally interesting in grass plains – but actually, when you start looking, there’s heaps, it just requires quite a bit of wandering about, but that’s both healthy AND fun…

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