I went to Trentham East…

Not ONLY that – I had a tasty lunch and saw an inspiring exhibition of Large Format photos from Iceland, and had a nice chat to the gallery owner there over a cup of tea…
Here’s a picture of Trentham East, of the road towards Trentham – whilst this is literally in the middle of town, it’s a little unfair, as the nice country pub, couple of houses, and road leading to the Gold Street Studios Gallery are behind me. I made this to test my shiny “new” Fuji medium format point & shoot camera. Tick, yes – it works. Not only that, but it prints the exposure data under the frame, so I must tell you the above photo was shot at f/11, 1/125th of a second, through a 90mm lens with autofocus on.
The road to Trentham East (from Woodend) is actually a really nice drive, and with the countryside all looking so green, the meadows and rolling hills are very satisfying. Not many folks on the roads on Easter Saturday either.
In Trentham itself, the place was abuzz, and I managed to grab this photo through a fence: Judging from the preponderance of such creatures in Trentham, I’m fairly sure this sort of thing goes on all the time.

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