Living rough…

I might have mentioned a couple of blog entries ago that I’ve been testing out a “new” camera (circa 1998), to take on travels. This is important to do – it takes me ages to get used to the ergonomics and “way of seeing and doing” of a new camera, and I know it’s worthwhile doing this, because the pictures I love best tend to come from the cameras I feel most comfortable with – for example, the last 8 years I’ve been stomping around on Australian and overseas travels with a 1950’s Rolleiflex (amongst other things), and that’s just like a third arm now – I can fairly visualise a picture before pointing the camera at it – AND I tend to use the same film all the time (Kodak Plus-X), for consistent and repeatable results. Annoyingly, Kodak has just discontinued this film in 120 format this year. But I still have 70 rolls stuffed into the fridge
Anyhoo – This new Fuji marvel is not there for me yet – I keep making “unremarkable” pictures with it, and I’m not convinced I’m to blame!! So test and test and test I must. On Saturday, for instance, I made a quick trip to the zoo again with it.

Here’s some (imaginatively-named) Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, clearly doing it rough.
Actually, it was refreshing having this camera – previous zoo trips this year, I’ve dragged along the Mamiya with the big lens, and so everything has been a closeup. With the Fuji, its little zoom only goes to 90mm, which is not especially telephoto at all (only slightly longer than “normal” focal length for 6×4.5cm), so everything was a wide shot. It meant I photographed stuff as groups, and gave things a bit more context. I must remember I like these sorts of things – perhaps I’ll write a note, or a self-indulgent blog…

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