Where have you been?

It’s a fair question – I haven’t posted anything in aroundabout a month. “Disgraceful!” You say… Well, I have a good excuse: I’ve been on travels/photo hunting/holidays, and as well as giving me a (slight) tan, this will provide rich material for these pages, as I slowly begin processing all the accumulated exposed film, and post some of the pictures here (with stories).
Here’s a snap of me (with my very warm Norwegian hat, and 4×5″ Field Camera) atop a newly formed Volcano peak in Iceland, near the aeroplane-disrupting Eyjafjallajökull. The steam on the ground indicates that the earth here is still rather warm – I was warned that in some spots my bag or the rubber feet on the tripod might actually melt. You can see all the sulphurous rocks, and a sort of fissure behind me was letting out all sorts of sulphury vapours. A fascinating bit of brand new planet surface, which involved a significant amount of impressive four-wheel-driving by the guide, and a bit of a hike, to get to.
And this was only day three or so…
You can see in the background, that shortly after this photo, the mountain weather got a bit yucky too, so it’s a good bit of timing also.
So, more to follow, including of course, some nice large and medium format film pictures.

One thought on “Where have you been?

  1. Welcome back, Marc 😉

    Going to this wonderful country (with a LF camera, in addition !) is a very good reason for not updating your blog, you are forgived 😉

    You should at least made a stop by France, it’s on the way from Australia ! (when I look at my euro-centred map of the world, of course…)

    I was going to Iceland in 2003, and since, the only thing I want, is to travel here again. I am curious to see the changes (and dammages ?) caused by recents eruptions.

    I made then several hundred 35mm dias, and I am very impatient to see your works.



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