A whole mess of pictures in one big happening!

The delightful gold and silversmiths from Melbourne’s Part B invited me in November to photograph their “ManJewellery” happening – ‘an exhibition of jewellery for men, displayed on live models, in a setting where men are often seen to congregate. An inner city bar!’ Before we actually headed off to the bar, I set up a mini studio with a roll of paper and two monolights, and snapped away at the various ‘man models’ the artists had brought with them – a ‘tethered’ setup, insofar as I had the shiny Canon 600D attached to a macbook via USB & Aperture software, so we all could look at the pictures as we went. My concession to my film habit was to make additional snaps on a Fuji 6×4.5 medium format camera, and the lens on the Canon was an old Olympus Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 thing from my OM kit. Everything triggered by pocket wizards and a good time had by all!!

Gabriel Anderson models for the ManJewellery happening!


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